BIOBank ensures all tissue bank activities listed in article L.1243-2 of the public health code (authorisation since 29 September 2003), from tissue collection to issuance of safe grafts. These steps include, inter alia, the biological selection of donors and the proper transformation of the bone grafts. All these operations are done in accordance with the Good Practice rules of Tissue Banks set by the ANSM (French National Safety Agency for Health Products) decision on 27 October 2010, transposing the European Directives into French regulations.

As for all French tissue banks, the BIOBank’s activities are subjected to an authorisation issued by the ANSM. Bone grafts are grouped into families according to their shapes (anatomical, geometrical, granules, powders, plates) which are subject to a single marketing authorisation issued by the ANSM. Biobank has also an export authorisation issued by the ANSM for its grafts.

BIOBank grafts come from femoral heads harvested exclusively from living donors during hip arthroplasties. As such, the tissue is removed during a surgery in the operating room, guaranteeing optimal quality and asepsis. All samples are obtained in France only by orthopaedic surgeons within approved health care establishments.

Our Supercrit® process

Our Supercrit® process is based on delipidation of bone tissue using CO2 in supercritical state, combined with chemical oxidation of the residual proteins contained in the pores of the cancellous tissue. Due to its low viscosity and its high solvency properties, supercritical CO2 has an incomparable delipidating efficacy, without aggressive action on the bone matrix.

The purpose of this procedure is to ensure maximum viral safety, in-depth cleaning of the trabecular structure and preservation of the natural biomechanical properties of the collagen and mineral structure of the bone tissue.

The Supercrit® process confers BIOBank bone grafts ideal safety, hydrophily and biomechanical properties to guarantee efficient osteoconduction.


Our values

  • Quality

    Through the commitment of all its staff, BIOBank undertakes to offer products and services of irreproachable quality.

  • Rigour

    By applying the strictest standards and regulations, BIOBank guarantees the safety of its products in compliance to laws and ethics.

  • Innovation

    To meet the current and future needs of surgeons and patients, BIOBank increasingly invests in research and development.

Safety, pillar of BIOBank organization



    Collection of femoral heads from living donors harvested in France by orthopaedic surgeons. Clinical selection based on criteria recommended by the Biomedicine Agency. Biological selection based on regulatory serological selection.

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    Conveyance of the femoral heads and blood tubes to BIOBank is done by a specialized transporter with a -30°C transport system. The cold chain is monitored by an electronic probe temperature recording device.


    The BIOBank Supercrit® process is based on the delipidation of bone tissue by a non-toxic fluid, CO2 in supercritical state, combined with a chemical oxidation of the residual proteins contained in the pores of the cancellous tissue.

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    BIOBank bone grafts are delivered directly by our company on medical prescription or through your local distributor. They are protected by a double sealed sterile package and can be stored at standard room temperature, brightness and humidity conditions until their expiry date, while the package remains undamaged.


    An implantation with a BIOBank graft meets strict traceability and usage rules in terms of patient information and graft use.

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Innovation in BIOBank's DNA

Supercrit Technology

Innovation is a main purpose of the BIOBank’s corporate project. First tissue bank in the world using the patented supercritical fluids technology to degrease and viro-inactivate bone allografts, BIOBank has been innovative from the outset.
Innovative packaging

Bone powder is provided in a syringe with a specifically developed design. This innovation enables the surgeon to rehydrate bone tissue in a semi-closed system, guarantee of optimal asepsis, and to dispense the rehydrated graft directly in the grafting site. This innovation has highly efficient applications  as small fillings in oral surgery and arthrodesis in neurosurgery.
Customized bone graft       
By using advanced technologies (CT-scan image analysis, 3D modelling and printing, CNC milling centre), BIOBank is the only tissue bank to provide pre-milled bone grafts, perfectly adapted to the patient’s bone structure. This approach is a real revolution, for the quality of bone reconstruction and increases patient comfort by minimizing surgery time and follow-up.
Future developments  
In scientific partnership with several academic laboratories, BIOBank invests in new graft forms and formulations with increased bioactivity.
BIOBank determined to always remain at the forefront of innovation in order to provide surgeons with high added scientific value products, for performance and clinical efficacy.

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